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#343255 - With my dick now feeling sore and swollen and my balls and pubes sticky with precum I start touching myself, trying to go slow since I know I won’t be able to last long at all with how excited I am, the feeling of using my mum liquids as a lube was sending me completely over the top and I could feel a powerful orgasm building from deep inside of me, I put my left leg up on the bed to the side of her feet and my right hand next to her shoulder to hold my weight, and start jerking off as fast as I could, my dick aimed at her pussy. Not long after this my asshole dad and her friend moved away together and we were left a broken family, my mum turned to drink and drugs to cope, because of this her job didn’t last long and due to not having much money we had to move into a smaller house. Like most 17 year old straight guys my favourite was lesbian porn, I also have a pretty big thing for BDSM, nothing extreme though.

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