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#177011 - She seen there waiter coming with the bread they ordered so she quickly quite Jayson said don't stop I didn't tell you to stop she said but our waiter is coming he said so keep going she put her hand back on her panties and started to rub again the waiter reached the table and it was really hard for her to concentrate while the waiter was there her husband kept talking to the waiter and had him talking to Marie which made it almost impossible for her to keep playing with her pussy but somehow she did she was so glad when he finally excused himself. andthought she would have a couple of drinks before he got home as she was finishing up her second drink her husband arrived and she greeted him at the door she put her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss she was feeling so hot and sexy with the outfit he had requested her gave a look up and down and smiled with approval she asked what are we doing he replied it is a surprise are you ready she nodded and off they went.

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Queen elizabeth
Im in love with this man and this is a great film
That backview is a wonder