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#121243 - I walked around to watch Allison’s asshole tear open more and more blood trickled out of her asshole as her asshole ripped even more causing a very large gape the balloon was almost the size of a football till I heard a big snap and Allison’s ass bones snapped inside her ass cheeks pushing the balloon across the room Allison was screaming into her gag till she passed out from the pain. Few years later I’ve just turned 21 now I’ve got a job as an engineer but that is all that has changed I’m still that loner nobody goes near still a virgin never even been kissed yet i even hoped that work life would be different to my school life i don’t get bullied anymore that’s a plus but nobody bothers to pay attention to me and every persons attention i lose just brings me back to that girl Alison i still keep tabs on her she’s same age as me and still queen of shit got a fancy house fancy car fancy job sometimes when i sit alone to myself i think how much it angers me to have everyone that done

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You watanabe
Yes why but i want his cock
Shinobu maehara
My gosh i love edging so much this is such a wonderful hentai
Asuka mizunokoji
I think it s very hot
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