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#359547 - It was just under two and a half years before l finished my education to joined the big wide world as far as l was concerned there was nothing else anyone could teach me, but l was wrong very wrong. When everyone went to their next lesson, Ms Giles was sat at her desk, l went over and before she could asked what l wanted, l just blurted out “don’t you ever do that to me again”, her jaw dropped open then before turning to walk out the classroom l told her she had a nice smile and should try showing it more often. One afternoon l was kept in to read to Mrs Renauld’s because l did not complete the homework she set and as l read she was twirling the hair at the back of my head, l paused what l was reading and glanced sideways to see right into her blouse due to one of her buttons being undone the sight of Mrs Renauld’s bra with a good view of tit made it hard to now concentrate on what l was reading.

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Felli loss
I found her name is dila
Love the tattoos