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#71322 - I kneeled down next to the bed holding my father's right hand while my younger sister Jenny who was 17 held his left hand both of you listen to me he said as we looked up to him I know I didn't grant you as much freedom you deserved but it was for your own safety and I'm sorry about that he said with tears in his eyes it's okay father you raised us well we both said when he turned to me my son when I die you will be the next  king you must act wisely but honest go out into the people and learn how they live and try to make it a better way of living he says to me as I nodded Then he turned to my sister Jenny my beautiful daughter you will be Mike 's support you also must be honest when he does something wrong say it to him and help him lead this Kingdom you must go and keep good relationships between all the kingdoms even the kingdom in the north  he says to her as she also nodded We both sat there holding his hands for 3 hours till he passed away in peace I now knew I w

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Nice booty crystal xo
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Have you guys got any hentais with him sitting on top would love to see that
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