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#31520 - We both had a tear or two in our eyes as we continued to struggle against one another, the bitch was hurting me even more as she continued to pull at my pussy and I was also having another sensation running through my body as we fought the sensation of having another woman this close to me even one I hated was turning me on slightly, we carried on for another minute or two but she was hurting me more and more I knew I had to do something I reached down for her skirt and knickers and yanked hard enough to rip them off. I got to my feet my pussy burning my tits aching and my face and head felt like they were on fire also from the abuse Lucia had put upon them my whole body feeling the affects of our encounter, I looked back at her as she staggered to her feet her naked body looked fabulous even with the marks and drops of blood on it, “You fought well Maia” Lucia wept “Better than you Lucia” I responded “Look at my clothes bitch you’ve ruined them” she said “Don’t start

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