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#137915 - . James’s cock twitched upon hearing her answer knowing it was only a matter of time before he had it buried deep inside this stunning beauties tight pussy, he took a few deep breaths trying to contain the excitement not wanting the young girl to see his more devious side, that time would come very soon he thought to himself with a tiny grin.   “ Oh hello, I’m Megan it's nice to meet you” the 20-year-old girl replied nervously playing with her hair as she looked up at the large man in awe   “ beautiful name, Megan, well it was great to see a friendly face, I think I made the right choice buying the apartment” James said reaching out with his big dark hand gesturing for a handshake, his eyes intently studying the young lady, roaming over her luscious body that was very much to his liking, if the back half was just as good as her front he would defiantly be looking to get to know this little hottie a bit better even if she was a lot younger than him.

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