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#215677 - I Continue to work your dick in and out of my mouth. Im so turned on I cum over and over “ damn I didn’t think she could get any tight but every time she cums it feels like she is sucking me in deeper” You moan and answer back “ yeah ive trained her to do that. Your sure were right she is a good fuck” Laughing you answer back “ any time buddy” My head comes up as I realise you set this up but I do not open my eyes I stay on my knees as I hear you walking away with the new comer soon you return pulling me to my feet you say “ you can open those beautiful eyes now baby girl.

Read Jock Yukemuri Harem Monogatari Ch. 1 Trap Yukemuri Harem Monogatari Ch. 1

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Asbel lhant
So sexy and so elegant
God i want too meet you