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#73230 - “Do you want anything else with this dad”? “How about a sausage or two” returning to the fridge Lucy bent over again, as she did she pulled her skirt up so her dad could clearly see her pussy, with these cooking she asked if there was anything else he wanted, as she waited for his answer she saw noticed the tent starting to form in his trousers, she smiled to herself knowing he had took the bait and now all she had to do was reel him in. Lucy was so stunned by her mother’s words and actions she could do no more than just lay there looking at her, she saw her turn her head towards the door and then Uncle John appeared beside her mother, he too was naked and even though he had shagged her mother moments earlier he was still supporting an erection, seeing this Lucy’s heart missed a beat, but he had no intentions of being nice to Lucy, he leaned forwards and took her chin in his hand and looked her right in the eye and said, “Tell anyone about this and you’ll live to regret it, underst

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Who ever you are be nice to her
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I wanna take that dick so bad