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#110642 - He pressed his middle finger on her lower stomach and started tracing it down inch by inch until it reached and past her clitoris and penetrated her pussy so easily, he spun his finger around inside, She let out a long soft moan followed by her saying oh, my god he continues his movement and moves out of her and slides his hand to her thigh then lifts her leg up as he says Fingers can only do so much She feels her leg being lifted with ease and felt him pushing his dick on the outside walls of her pussy for a split second before she is penetrated. Suddenly she stops penetrating herself and rubbing to turn around to face her lover, she carefully moves her pussy soaked fingers to his manhood, rubbing it in a way to not jerk him awake but to make him hard. Her entire body spasmed and she was doing deep breaths, Realising this he had moved his hand from her leg to her clitoris and began rubbing and thrusting the most he could.

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That was so fuckin hott
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Feet worship hentai please