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#317714 - I got up closer behind her, as i moved closer and closer i got more daring and when my hard dick was jus inches away from her ass i paused, thinkin if i should do it but i then realised if i jus touched her ass with it and she woke up i could jus pretend i was asleep so i edged closer poking my hard 7 inch cock into her ass cheeks i was so hard and horny i thought i would cum in my pants. It was a saturday night and my two little cousins were staying over they are only young and fell asleep early in my mums bed, so my mum said she would have to sleep in my bed, i have a double so it wasnt a problem. Fellin my spunk shoot into her must of sparked something because she began moaning like fuck OOOHHHHH GODDDD YESS FUUCKK MEE FILL ME UP WITH YOUR BABIES Thats when i realised i could have just made my mother pregnant, as we lay in the aftermath of our lovemaking trying to catch our breath i broke the silence mum if ur pregnant its ok ill be here for you she smiled and k

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Kotori iida
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