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#354862 - I was confused and looked at him for some sort of explanation. He was thrusting harder and faster until I was choking on it as it touched the back of my throat, before I knew it he had thrust in deep and held my head right into his pelvis, I let out a loud sob as I felt his cum spurt into my throat and he never let me go til I was forced to swallow it, I gagged at the taste and feel of it as it slid down my gullet and I was overwhelmed by what had just happened and then he let me go, I slid to the ground with streams of tears spilling forth from me. ” He reached behind him and picked up a small plastic bag with something inside but I couldn’t tell what it was, he opened up his hand and showed me the packet, it had brown coloured stuff in it that looked like broken clay.

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Kouichi sakakibara
As i told u before on pre vids try it in a public swimming pool it would be so hot guys
Kanako saeki