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#359644 - As Michelle watched she noticed her mother start to calm down and then, was she imaginig it? Michelle saw her mother began to squirm erotically. Now, this is a special dildo, inside it is a liquid called Lustiqox, a chemical of my own making, when absorbed through the genitalia it will make the subject very aroused for a short period of time, when absorbed during orgasm however it will make the subject aroused permanently, it really is marvellous!” The man turned to face Michelles mother and pulled up her skirt, her face was a picture of puew fear. “No, stupid women, my penis is not for you!”, he slapped her hard on the cheek and with the other hand flicked a small switch at the base of the dildo protruding from Lillians pussy, Lillian screemed with ecstacy, her eyes rolled back into her head and she squeezed her tits hard.

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