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#280723 - I pull her dress off completely to the floor, she has no underwear on and I see her sexy curves, she has a nice separation between her legs that is just a small triangle, but so sexy. I bent my head to take one in my mouth and sucked it as i held her tight to my body she through her head back as I sucked that nipple deep in my mouth and pulling it till it slipped out of my mouth!, I did the same with the other nipple they tasted so good and that skin was ever so soft, I grabbed both tits in my hands and now as I am still standing in front of her I am sucking one nipple and with crazy hunger take the other in my mouth and suck them like crazy, I suck them both together and she moans and watches me as I am out of control sucking nipples and jiggling and squeezing her tits.

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