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#111161 - This seemed to continue for ages moans of pleasure escaping from Christine’s lips then Sharon moved her hands downward towards Christine’s skirt slowly working up towards her silken knickers that I knew her to wear on many of our own rumblings. Say it. Sharon’s tongue now running up and down my shaft with each thrust in and out like a piston getting faster and faster, I then chanced withdrawing fully to see if Sharon would take the bait and take my cock within her own mouth the vibrator within Sharon’s pussy must have had the desired effect because no sooner did I come out of Christine wet pussy than Sharon quickly took the head of my cock within her mouth and started flicking her tongue across my pee hole and around the helmet, whilst this was going on I wet my finger with pussy juices from Christine and slowly rubbed her puckered arsehole, now doing what I wanted to do to her many months ago.

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