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#172579 - This had gone on every lesson and now it was about january half way though the school year i was nearly 15 at the time and on that particular lesson she kept leaning over near me and she was wearing probaly the shortest shirt she had ever wore as you could see half her breasts all lesson i kept looking at them with a full erection all lesson, i was in dream land untill she shouted and said right C3 which meant a detention in my old school she said stop gazing into space and do your work you've not even done question 1, wait behind at the end of the day. My two mates scott and kyle were laughing saying ha a C3 which meant that day i would have a 1 hour detention after school, our detention didnt take place in the classrooms it took place in our assembly hall were all the years would be and the only way the Heads of years would know if someone got a C3 by the teacher who gave the C3 out would send it via electronic registers and of course a student would never now if or when the

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