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#89389 - They were shopping together, having a good time, occasionally giving each other a hug or kiss, obviously they were very much in love, and totally devoted to each other. If he was blessed with something no other child had, well then, that was fine with him! The first time was with his own mother of all people! She was reading him a story when their eyes met, and right away, even at that young age, he could see that she instantly went into a trance like state that didn't go away until he allowed it to. He didn't know if the older woman was a cum swallower, but in about a minute she was gonna slurp down a huge shot of Patrick's hot cum! Patrick groaned into the pussy of the little blonde as his pecker let loose with several huge bursts of semen, and while the blonde pressed her crotch hard onto Patrick's face, her own orgasm ripping through her hot little box.

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