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#181469 - “She has such a talented mouth!” Amika was now in a state of total sexual delirium, and hearing Doris referring to her as “cunt lapper” and “good little whore” only stoked the fire burning in her belly even hotter! Doris grabbed the little Asian by the back to the neck and forced her cunt harder into her mouth while asking, “Tell me, little slut!” “Do you let my son cum in your pretty little mouth?!?” “Do you let him put his big fat dick down your cock hungry throat?!?” That did it!!! Poor little Amika’s pussy convulsed wildly around Tommy’s pecker inducing it to erupt like a volcano deep in her over heated snatch! Both youngsters screamed in ecstasy as their teenage sex organs blended together in what was a truly stunning climax! That was the signal for Doris’ clit follow suit as her entire body shook as her climax radiated from the tip of her very erect clit to the tips of her toes to the top of her head! Doris locked the youngster’s mouth against her pussy until the last vestiges

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