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#290453 - First I put on submission collars on them, that also restrained there hands, then I started working my way down there lean tight bodies, first 1 girl then the other, until I got to their pussies, there I concentrated on Raven first and brought her to multiple orgasms, then I did Candy, they each had at least 6 orgasms, then I had them get on their knees still with their hands restrained, and I blindfolded them too. Then I took over and shoved all 10 inches down Raven's mouth, then Candy's mouth, Candy gagged real bad on it, but Raven could get most of my cock into her mouth before she started gagging. But sometimes I dress them slutty then it is a short short dress, or a shorter miniskirt, and a halter top, with knee high boots, that have high heels on them, the miniskirts are leather, and so is the halter top and boots, when I dress them like that they have to wear their slave collars, and we go out to the woods, and I attach a leash to them, we have hired a full time nanny, so I

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