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#185260 - I woke up inside the cupboard, I was bound tightly to a school chair, my arms tied behind the spine of the chair, my mouth gagged with rope and each of my legs tied to either leg of the chair, not to mention I was completely naked apart from my bra and panties. I hadn’t fully come to terms with my current situation and as I looked down, the impact hit me, I was in an air bed, it had been inflated and made up in a hurry, my arms we’re tied around someone, my legs were tied to the bed somehow, my legs spread apart, and the woman beneath me had her legs wrapped around me and tied into position, as where her hands, I was completely naked, as was she, there was some kind of steel contraction around my hip, clamping my pelvis to hers, I couldn’t see her face, though it was right in front of me, as it was covered by her hair, she was familiar, but as I couldn’t use my hands, I used my face to brush the hair away, I recognised her immediately, Jen, I called out her name, Sir must have put her

Read Flashing Hikari no Kimi no Saganaki Keikaku <Nokiba no Ogi> Heels Hikari no Kimi no Saganaki Keikaku <Nokiba no Ogi>

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Star sapphire
I used to fuck like that then i took an arrow to the knee
Muy exitante ver a dos mujeres cogiendo amo estos hentais