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#286831 - I feel my clothing rubbing my little hairs and my little breasts all stirring me to wet and horny…it was exciting to be naked under my dress and when boys or men would come to visit us it made me hot and trembly all over teasing myself at what the boys and men would think if they knew how close they were to my naked body. I was so close to sucking and swallowing his come and so ready to wet his fingers with my spend but we had to go. I knew I had been naughty…but “naughty” was sure nice! “Goating Part II” I was exhausted from my little accidental goat experience and was still on my knees in the back yard, my dress still up over my ass, the air felt so good on my wet cunt and I was breathing down but my mind was dizzy.

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Thank you tubmlesexy1
Balling like an athlete but got no jumper