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#85591 - After Alan raped his daughter, he stuffed her underwear in her vaginal cavity and left, ignoring his daughter to get everything ready, he needed to run away, Alan sold all of his action, withdrew all of his money, he could not risk travelling on any legal means, if someone were to found his family in that state he will certainly be put in custody, and most likely he would die before he even took a step in prison, with the years he had made some “friends” that had the same tastes as himself, in 40 hours he was already in Mexico, a child molester who had some connections to a child abduction network, that was the good thing about connections, he had some good money in the stock market, and the bank accounts had been gathering all of it for years, a good 1,7 million dollars, a good retirement you must say, the conditions of his embarking and hiding were simple, he would go to a town used mainly to gather kids from around Mexico and a pit stop for those coming from South America ready to b

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