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#232435 - First me, I'm 6ft tall, dark brown hair usually combed so it parts in the middle and sorta waves to either side, bad diet lately so ive got a small gut going on, and penis length for those of you interested , about 5 1/2 inches I say about, it's probably just a little less. That was the last crack in the dam, it burst open and I came, I came harder than I ever had before, with each spurt of hot cum I shot into my mothers cunt, she let out a gasp, Id like to think it was a gasp of pleasure but like her breast size, I'll likely never ask her about it. Moms turn, she's 44years old, 5ft 4in tall.

Read Phat Koyoi Jimiko ha Haramitai - Original Facesitting Koyoi Jimiko ha Haramitai

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Sailor uranus | haruka tenoh
She looks like a damn dessert