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#971 - I awoke the next morning with my hand in my panties i must of fell asleep fingering myself i must of had a powerful orgasm my pussy was soaked i could smell the stench of my pussy embedded into my fingers. I went to sleep with that image of my boyfriend’s sister tasting my cum painted on the inside of my eyeballs my mind was surrounded by questions why did she suck the brush? or did she know what she sucked of? does she know it was my cum? i lost a lot of sleep over this. Flick and I hobbled out of the bath half naked covering ourselves in more deodorant we made our way back to our table at separate times to make it look less suspicious and explained to my boyfriend that I had a pain in my stomach.

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Megumi momono
Why has he got a red yarn around his wrist
Yukinari kuroda
Hummmm too delicious