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#251341 - i bit my lip and it felt amazing then suddenly the music stopped and mel pulled her hand out of my top much to my disapointment, at that moment i noticed a guy looking at me, he looked familiar , then i remembered hee was the guy from marketing and has always had a thing for me ever scince he joined the company and at that moment i noticed that he had a clean line of sight of me and mel dancing so i told mel im going to get some drinks, i walked over to Christian, and said i nnoticed you watching me and mel yeah you two are hot together he replied as i moved closer he said Girl please excuse me If I'm coming too strongb but tonight is the night We can really let go i relied yeah i know My boyfriend is out of town And I'm all alone he tilted his head closer to me and said my girlfried is on vacation And she doesn't have to know he took ahold of my hand and pulled me towards the toiletsm, as we whent in i saw, jeff the HR manager ma

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Aya fujisawa
Better get to work
Hijiri mochizuki
Because of her voice i felt like i m in the muppet show make america bust a nut again