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#9203 - I opened my eyes and realised that I had fallen asleep right where I was the cucumber was still embedded in my now sore pussy and as I carefully pulled it out I spasmed another small orgasm making my legs shake and my body weak again, I turned over on my hands and knees and realised the carrot in my arse was still there I pulled it gently and put it to the side knowing which barstard would be having that for his meal tonight. I cleaned everything up and went for a shower realising I had fallen asleep for quite a while and Geoff would be back in an hour or too, when I came backdown I could smell my pussyjuice everywhere so getting the mop a small bit of water and lemonfresh floor cleaner I masked the smell and set about making myself as normal as I could and around 4 i started preparing the meal making sure I knew which carrot would go on which plate. My night time dreams started as the same scenario each time I follow Geoff into the back rooms and I strip naked and he parades me a

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Mikoto urabe
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck he s so god damn sexy i would let him do whatever he wanted to me no doubt about it
Seiya ichijou
So hot