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#348192 - I didn’t want to go I wasn’t in the mood to be sociable but on the other hand if I stayed behind mom had a list of things for me to do before dad came home (dad’s a trucker and he comes home every 10 or so days). First, she says, she’ll lubricate me using her finger to apply Vaseline and then she’ll insert the tube. The first thing on my mind is does she want me to fuck her? I’m ready to go; instead she grabs my hard-on and proceeds to apply Vaseline (I think it’s kind of funny, she’s very well lubricated) but to my surprise she brings my dick to her butt hole and tells me in a very low raspy voice … put it in gently … with that I proceed to start fucking her in the ass she tells I’m going to walk you through, remember? Yes …yes…yes.

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