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#146447 - As suddenly he continues to hump while forcing my head down and I’m liking this force as he hears me make gagging noices as he shoots the cum to the back of my throat as I quickly grip out of his force and get some breathing room for my mouth. I think he is pretending to be dead until I suck him off so I continue wiping the washing machine and as I get to the floor where a puddle of his cum is I move my body with my ass lying right over his face which I didn’t know about and he quickly moves his neck and licks from my ass all the way down to my pussy as i stupidly had both lying right above his face! “OHH, Andrew c’mon seriously, let’s just go to the washroom and wash you off then I promise I will suck your dick” as I quickly get up so he can’t get any more chances at my pussy. All of a sudden as I shut my eyes I feel Andrews tongue licking my pussy.

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Byleth eisner
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