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#40105 - He didn’t tell his mother or sisters what he had done, they would freak and cry, try to talk him out of it; but his mind was made up and the next morning he left as usual but instead of driving into the woods, he drove to the city. Love Alex Alex fussed with the slice of pizza, ending up eating all the topping and tossing most of the crust into the garbage before he walked back into his room. he usually treats me good, tells me he loves me; but because of you he broke up with me! You had no right! You’re not my father, hell you’re barely my brother…I wish you had never come back, I’m not a little girl anymore and I don’t need you in my life…don’t want you in it…” With that Beth turned a walked to her room as Alex stood staring down the hallway she had disappeared into, stunned into silence as tears slowly tracked their way down his cheeks.

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Rena minami
I love this
How would you be if my tongue was a bit lower as you do this your sweet honey could flow down to me then i could work my way up to clean everything