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#263171 - DADDY’S SUNKISSED BITCH PART 2 While Rebecca was upstairs cleaning the Murphy bros’ cum off out of her ass I decided to head down to the pub for a few hours, I walked in and found all my drinking buddies huddled around in a circle, “ Hey Damian” said Tom the barman “ you’ve got to see this!” he said and the crowd parted for me, in the middle of the circle was old man Murphy, Terry and Willy’s grandfather, He held up a phone, “ My grandson’s sent me this!” he croaked as he passed his phone to me, I looked at the screen in shock, there was Terry snapping my daughters g-string and spitting on her asshole just before ramming it with his massive cock, ‘ oh shit’ I thought as I looked around looking at everyone looking back at me, “ so Damian” said Tom “ what do you think of that? isn’t that some top choice meat?, I wouldn’t mind fucking that ass all night” and he started to laugh, they all did, That’s when I remembered none of them had ever seen my daughter, I breathed with relief “ Yep,

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