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#299975 - On my return Debbie lay sound asleep so i took the apportunity to play with her some more, Her arse was shining wet with lube & some of my cum using this on my finger i pressed on her anal ring , keeping up the pressure it soon gave way letting it slip inside, Debbie did not wake as slowly i finger fucked her butthole my cum inside her helping ease the way, My other hand had foung her cunt & i worked on her clit, Still asleep Debbie's little body was starting to respond once again her clitoris growing erect like a tiny marble, My pleasuring of her body finally caused her to wake , This time she seemed to except the anal probing without question or perhaps the pleasure from her cunt blockI have never known a women yet a young girl who could experience orgasms at the rapid repeat rate my Daughter could achieve , The lucky girl. Only half way in she asked me to stop & pull out but as my fingers moved faster teasing her clit she stopped protesting, I worked her cunt back

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Kylo ren
This would be much better without the stupid background music
Mikan shiratama
Whats her name