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#290162 - FUCK NOOOOO, YOU BITCH YOU HAD BETTER STOP THAT NOW Tee still having no idea what was going on, lost in his own world, Emma who was determined to hurt this bitch was using his thrusts to go harder and harder, untill sudenly Tee pulled her fist out and he slapped her so had she fell into darkness, she was soon revived by some strange smelling salts, she had only been out two minites, it took her a while but she now knew she was tied to the bed her legs spread wide to Kieras sadistic smile, she could taste cum on her lips and Tee was no where to be seen, Tee had to go somewhere, so he fucked your unconchious body she lagued as Emma struggled, but thats nothing compared to what i am going to do to you, how dfare you even think about fisting me, let alone od it, luckillly you have small hands, but i dont, Emma shook her head, no please Kiera, i am so sorry dont so it, il do anything il suck you off, i will be the most obidiant slave ever just dont do that, whore, you will do those

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