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#10042 - They look at me although Daisy knows this Kathy ask if my Master is going to let me keep the baby and I tell her yes. D- I look at the girls and I tell them that this is our last day that the auction is tomorrow I ask them if they have any questions. Kathy- So how have you been Sonya? Good I got married! and you I have been ok my Master got married and now I have a Mistress she is good to me.

Read Comedor Kuchu Kuchu Ch. 2-8, 10 Polla Kuchu Kuchu Ch. 2-8, 10

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Miki jounouchi
How did she know my name omg that was amazing
I absolutely love humiliating tiny cocks and putting them in their place
Toshi tsukikage
Holy god damn fuck i just nutted my brains out
She is so beautiful love the way she gets fucked