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#388154 - Mrs M was finally starting to hump back and was getting me worked up severely, I was trying hard not to cum then we both jumped as a pair of arms surrounded us and I heard Brian say “mind if I join in?” I could feel Brian dick against mine as he humped up against his mothers bum; “Brian stop it” said Mrs M but Brian kept holding on and humping until Mrs M stopped trying to evade him and just let him have his way. Five of us mates had gone around to Brian’s on the Saturday and watched with interest as the 4 ladies tried on clothes, make up and hairdos throughout the afternoon while they had a few drinks. Danny moved away and I got off so Russell quickly jumped between her legs and let go of his load inside her pussy as he was pushing it in, as he finished squirting Ray almost dragged him off and shoved his cock into Mrs M hard and deep for a short time having his orgasm at the same time as Mrs M had another one.

Read Straight Elf Maid to Harem Seikatsu - Original Gay Doctor Elf Maid to Harem Seikatsu

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