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#64513 - He had a look of childlike wonder on his face …as she leaned in and whispered in his ear…”Do with me as you will good sir”…and then he did. she found herself listing all the things he had done to make her life better…He was paying her tuition for the graduate school courses she was taking evenings in business…Jennifer had a four year degree and a job as a dental hygienist …but regretted her career choice that required her to put her hands in people’s mouths everyday…She could talk to Bob about that and he had promised to help her find another job when she graduated…Of course, the allowance he paid her (which was now $1500 a month up from $1000) took a lot of the pressure off and allowed her to put a little money away for her daughter’s education. Bob had also provided her with a car…it’s in his name but she has the use of it…and he pays the insurance and has provided a credit card that covers her gas… Jennifer and Bob went out 2-3 times a month…dinners at nice restaurants only at fir

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