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#160242 - Dixon had promised them orgasms, the setting on the little vibes was still too low to allow for an easy climax!!! The sighs and moans quickly turning into groans and the sounds of girls pleading with Mona Dixon to turn up the juice, but so far she showed absolutely no inclination towards giving them what they wanted, in fact, she seemed to enjoy watching them squirm uncomfortably on the ragged edge of a climax!!! Quincy's own pussy was on fire just as the rest of them, but since she was in the midst of sucking Mona Dixon's big tits, she felt certain that given enough time, she could probably get off one way or another, but she had to admit that if the old biddy would just give them a little more juice everyone would be cumming in buckets!!! It was the incantations of a cute little red head in the front row that probably did it, as she was practically in hysterics from her pussy being so close to orgam and not quite being able to make it over the top!!! In a fit of compassi

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Vert farbreton
Yesss i am so jealous of this man
Her bouncing boobs r hyptnotizing me i must sqweeze them an rub my face on her furry muff too
Kaoru watabe