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#5317 - Then after about 30 minutes I recovered, released Raven, turned Candy over, removed her ball gag, and made her start licking Raven's pussy I positioned myself between my Daughter's thighs and told her I was going to ram my cock into her pussy hard and fast, I was going to pop her cherry in one hard fast stroke , I found out my Daughter was going to start her period the next day so I pumped in and out of her, she bled a lot more than her friend did, soon I reached the summit and shot my cum inside her pussy. But sometimes I dress them slutty then it is a short short dress, or a shorter miniskirt, and a halter top, with knee high boots, that have high heels on them, the miniskirts are leather, and so is the halter top and boots, when I dress them like that they have to wear their slave collars, and we go out to the woods, and I attach a leash to them, we have hired a full time nanny, so I can take my girls on these excursions. Raven on the other hand don't like cum in her mouth, s

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The start was fucking weird
Poor guy that attempts to date her afterwards not knowing the homeboys just fed her like that that white 5 incher isnt gonna cut it boy
Rio kuroki
I have never been more jealous of a little penis