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#267148 - FUCKING BAND Spread your ass and show its hole, We will play a rock-n-roll, We will make a good trombone: I will pump and you will moan! It will be a splendid jazz When I slide from cosy ass To your tender fragrant pussy Which in seconds is so juicy! Sliding smoothly out and in I will play a violin, First it will be Bach so calm Than I'll pass to Mozart's fun But at last, you should believe me, I'll be crazy Paganini! Afterward will be a break, I should tune my wild snake. Than I'll turn it into flute In this style you should be cute: For beginning, just prepare - With your tongue extend some care, Lick the tip, the tiny eye, Run around for reply! When it's be so great and ripe You must swallow all the pipe! And I bet my baritone Will be crashed as if a stone, And with tenor's tender pitch The highest tunes I'll surely reach! But you ought to take the fact It has been rehearsal act! I will take my band tomorrow, It wil

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