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#379648 - Tony and I went to see them off, this was devastating for Tony, and me, but I couldn’t show it. I had remained hard and deep in her pussy, very slowly I started moving my hips, she smiled and kissed me, we just lay there looking into each others eyes and my cock slipped in and out of her warm moist pussy. Having showered and dried off we went to my bed, we just cuddled for a while, about ten minutes later mom tapped on the door, “Night you two” “Night mom” “Night Mrs D” Julie pushed the sheet off us and looked down at my cock, “Is Tony’s cock as big as yours”? “What makes you think I’ve seen it”? “I bet you’ve had wanking competitions or compared sizes” she giggled, “Diane and I have looked at each others pussy’s, and cum together” she saw the worried look on my face “Were not lesbians, we just did it the once one night after we left you and Tony, I so wanted to jump your bones, but I was scared of rejection” I kissed her and told her Tony is smaller than me, she clapped her h

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