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#294764 - As he did so, Sarah's eyes involuntarily watched him. Ten minutes later ,after I had told the sheriff the story, he lined up all the guys in the lounge and was about to call for re-enforcements, Sarah was sitting on the couch wearing a robe, she found her confidence now, she stared at me with pure hatred, “you are so fucked” she said as a slight smile curled on the side of her lip, “their going to do to you in prison what you and your fucked up friends were doing to me all day long”, she said, ‘she’s right’ I thought as the sheriff began to call it in, I’m going to get everything she got except I’ll be in prison for the next 20 years, just then someone cut in on the radio, “hey sheriff fuck face” yelled a voice over the radio, the sheriff shouted “who the fuck are you and what are you doing communicating on a police frequency”, the sheriff’s face had now gone the same colour as his hair, flaming red. Sarah was now completely broken, physically, mentally, spiritually an


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You were amazing dominant and respectful rip goddess
Kou ichijo
Ikr how the fuck am i supposed to have the other hand free for the tissue
Yuno gasai
Wait this is not my anime sorry guys
Shiro tachibana
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